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Ünver Özsoy


Joker Ofis has never changed its sincerity, courtesy and approach since our first meeting. Office locations are well thought out. All our employees come with happiness. In a period of two years, they never let us down and tried to help us with all our requests wholeheartedly. We are very happy with the service we receive. Everything you need in an office is available. If there is any problem or deficiency, it is always solved on the same day. As Ozmo Global Logistics family, we thank you.



Değer Caner Geniş


As DCG Bilişim, our association with Joker Ofis actually started with a coincidence. We were searching for both office space and serviced office for our growing company. Happily, this coincidence gave birth to a beautiful union. We immediately adopted our new office with its clean and calm environment and friendly staff. The location of Ataşehir offices is very good. It is very close to public transportation and metro facilities. It is lively at all hours of the day as there are many workplaces around it. It also has a beautiful view. It is especially nice to watch the sunset from the office with a cup of coffee. In summary, we are confident that our partnership with Joker Ofis will last even longer.


Emriye Altıner Atila


We would like to thank the Joker Office family for all the services they have given us. The professional secretariat team has solved all our requests in the fastest and most practical way and supported us in every subject.

In about a year and a half of cooperation, all of our requests have resulted in satisfaction. We recommend the service we receive to everyone because they offer us a family environment, a safe, sincere, social workspace rather than a workplace.


Aydan Kurnaz


Joker Office is a great place that meets all our needs with its advantages, warm and clean environment, professional management and correct communication language.  I recommend it to every company.

Seçil Akdoğan


Joker Ofis has been providing a solution-oriented, fast, practical and innovative service since the first moment I started working.

This concept, where they provide all services from a single source, has been providing me with an efficient working environment and convenience for about 2 and a half years. Thank you for providing us with a friendly, clean, warm and safe environment.


İrfan Doğan


We are very pleased that we preferred Joker Office. First of all, there is a friendly and solution-oriented team. Inside is a really friendly and friendly environment. What more… 🙂


Fuat Erdemet

Sales & Marketing Manager

MEKO A.Ş. is  an Ankara-based company operating in the field of automation that is celebrating its 40th anniversary, , has been working with Joker Ofis Ataköy since 2020.  In addition to their optimally designed offices and spacious common areas, we observe that they make a difference with their attention to cleanliness and fast communication. In addition, it is very useful for our overseas customers who will stay in Istanbul for a short time with its central location and meeting facilities. We thank the staff and managers for their attention.


Metin Kazaz


I have been using coworking at Joker Ofis Ataşehir location Since May 2022.

Both the location and physical conditions of the office and the approach of the company staff are excellent. I think, they are also meticulous when choosing customers and therefore we work in a very peaceful environment.


Mehmet Ali Aydın


We would like to thank the Joker Ofis family, which prioritizes customer satisfaction and manages to offer sincerity and professionalism together, for their cooperation with our company for many years and for the support they have provided.


Hakan Burak Erdem


As Lets Medya, we have been working with Joker Ofis for a year, but thanks to the professional service provided, we feel like we have been working for many years. In addition to its warm and friendly environment, working in a prestigious location makes our work easier. We hope to work together for many years…


Erhan Yılmaz

Area Sales Manager

2 years ago we joined the Joker Office family. It is a decent, friendly, very pleasant office to work in. The authorities are very interested and solution-oriented. Thank you Joker Office.

Emre Özeren

Sales & Business

Development Director

We have been a part of the Joker Office family for about 3 years. The sincere and friendly atmosphere of Joker Office, the solution-oriented approach of the employees and the architectural design of the locations were the features that impressed us the most. We always feel the happiness of being a part of this family. Thank you Joker Ofis 🙂

Elif  Yılmaz


We sincerely love and thank Joker Ofis and its entire team for making us feel at home in our workplace since September 2023, making our lives easier with its proximity to the courthouse, shopping centers and public transportation, and leaving no question marks in our minds with its cleanliness and security.

Mustafa Tavşan

Financial and Administrative

Affairs Manager

First of all, the modern design and convenient organization of the office spaces provided by Joker Ofis increases the efficiency of our working environment.

Keeping our office clean and organized makes it very easy for us to continue our work.

The professionalism of the customer representatives and their fast and efficient approach to our questions are very valuable to us. The sincerity and helpful attitude of the Joker Office team makes our cooperation more enjoyable.

In addition, the design, equipment and comfort of the meeting rooms make our business meetings more effective.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Joker Ofis. We hope that our cooperation will continue in the future and wish you continued success.


Serhan Başer

General Secretary

We moved here 3 years ago from an office where we met all our own needs. Working with Joker Ofis allows us to focus on our core business, away from non-value added activities. We would like to thank the helpful and friendly Joker Office staff for their support.


Yiğit Taner


Joker Ofis not only rents offices but also provides us with administrative and other services.

We can sincerely convey that we are very satisfied with the office location and environment and the services such as cleaning, service, decoration, construction, etc. that we have been receiving for 3 years.

Joker Office’s management team also provides timely and positive feedback when needed. They patiently fulfilled our endless requests for decoration, lighting, etc.

Our office is bright and spacious and satisfies us in terms of security.


Dilşad Baysan Çolak

General Manager

Dear Joker Office Management,

We started to receive service from you in March 2023 and we are still

and we continue to do so. We have been working from our own building for many years until the renovation of our building

we have started to work with you for a temporary period of time. During this period

the feeling of being in our own home and the warm communication given by your employees

made us feel very happy and peaceful. In this process up to this time, you have given us

for your services, attitude and professional approach

We would like to express our great pleasure and thank Spirax for the services we have received.

As Sarco family, we would like to thank you and wish you continued success.


Tunahan Aktaş


I would like to thank all the employees of Joker Office who prepared a great working environment for us with their friendly and caring employees. Also, the cleanliness of the common areas should not be forgotten.


Erhan Eskicumalı


As GMGTEST, we are extremely satisfied with the service we receive from Joker Ofis. The security of our office with friendly and caring staff, the availability of quality furniture and equipment positively affect our work experience. The large and spacious common area also increased the productivity of our employees. These qualities offered by Joker Office continue to provide an atmosphere that supports our business processes. As GMGTEST, we highly recommend Joker Office.


Süheyla Günver Esen

Deputy General Manager

In addition to our growth in the finance sector, Joker Serviced Office provided us with a great advantage in terms of the rapid settlement and adaptation of our expanding teams. The support, flexibility and professionalism they offered us in this process were critical for us. Thank you very much.

Selin Sanver Sucu

Lawyer & Arbitrager

I met Joker Ofis on recommendation when I was looking for a well-equipped and modern office where I could hold my meetings in a suitable environment. At first, I experienced Joker Ofis by getting a meeting room and secretariat service for my meetings, and I moved my office to one of Joker Ofis’s ready-made offices, convinced that my needs such as technical infrastructure, suitable working offices, modern meeting rooms, etc., which I needed while practicing my profession, were more than met. Thanks to the ready-made office, which is also convenient in terms of transportation in terms of location, I easily settled in without the need to do tedious work such as supplying basic office furniture, creating technical infrastructure such as internet, etc. Joker Ofis offers a safe and fully equipped place to work. My notices, mail and cargo are received by the secretariat team even when I am not in the office. Working environments and meeting rooms provide comfortable working conditions. The secretarial team and all employees are friendly and very attentive. My motivation to work increases in a safe, modern, stylish and spacious working environment. I am happy to host my guests in a beautiful environment. With Joker Ofis, I do not leave my eyes behind. I would like to thank the whole team.


Yargı Değer Çağlar


Joker Office’s customer satisfaction-oriented service approach, fast action against customer demands, flexible product range and smiling face are the main features that distinguish it from its competitors in the sector. Not only our company, but also the other companies we recommend Joker Office to are very pleased to be with Joker Office because of the peaceful, pleasant and comfortable working environment that Joker Office offers. I hope our business partnership will continue for many years