Dedicated Spaces, Customized Design​

Dedicated Spaces,
Customized Design

Companies We Provide Corporate Office Services

Corporate Offices Special for Your Company

  •  Office spaces architecturally planned in line with your expectations and demands.
  •  Reception area decorated in line with your company’s corporate identity
  •  A completely self-contained working environment if desired, or workspaces with private entrances if desired
  •  Dedicated kitchen, meeting rooms and common area solutions according to your requests
  •  Access to all common and social areas

How Does the Process Work from Start to Finish?


Selection of Location

Choosing an office space in line with your preferences and needs


Architectural Design

Architectural planning of your private office from scratch


Construction and Decoration

Completion of construction and decoration phases as soon as possible


Your Office is Ready

Carrying out the operational processes by us after the delivery of the office space

Advantages of a Corporate Office

Fully tailored arrangement

First of all, your office space is selected in a region of your choice, provided that it is in a centrally located plaza with 24/7 security. Our architectural firm, which specializes in office planning, finalizes the design it has made in accordance with your needs by revising it in line with your demands. Taking into account your preferences in decoration, your office is completely organized according to your wishes. If desired, dedicated kitchen, meeting rooms, common areas and office areas with private entrance belonging to your company are offered to your service.


Cost advantages - CAPEX

When you want to expand your business or move it to a more prestigious location, you don’t have to worry about the costs that await you. We undertake all costs related to architectural design, project management, decoration and technical infrastructure, as well as expenses such as deposits, commissions and down payments incurred during the rental of office space. Thus, you do not have to bear any investment costs while taking a big step to grow and develop your business.


Payment of operational services with a single invoice - OPEX

You can start working immediately by bringing only your personal belongings to your office, which is delivered to you completely ready for use, and you can focus entirely on your business. Afterwards, all operational processes related to the office are carried out by our professional secretarial team. You can easily manage your operational expenses with a single invoice and a single contact.


Faurecia ile iş birliği sürecimiz nasıl ilerledi?

Metin yazılacak

Kurumsal Ofis Çözümlerimizle İlgili Merak Edilenler

Joker Ofis’in Kurumsal Ofis hizmeti, işletmelerin özel ihtiyaçlarına yönelik olarak tasarlanmış bir ofis çözümüdür. Esnek, verimli ve özelleştirilebilir çalışma ortamı sunar.

Kurumsal Ofis, işletmelerin değişen ihtiyaçlarına ve hızlı büyümesine adapte olabilen bir ofis deneyimi sunar. Bütçe, alan ve operasyon optimizasyonuyla birlikte zaman ve finansal tasarruf sağlama avantajları sağlar.

Joker Ofis, işletmelerin ihtiyaçlarına özel tasarlanmış kurumsal çözümler sunar. Ofisler, şirketin özel gereksinimlerine uyacak şekilde uçtan uca hazırlanır ve özelleştirilebilir.

Kurumsal Ofis hizmetinde ofis kiralama, broker, mimarlık, proje yönetimi gibi yükümlülüklerin tümünü ve ofisin kullanımı sırasındaki operasyonel süreçlerin tümünü Joker Ofis üstlenir.

Düşük maliyetli ve alan açısından optimize edilmiş ofislerde operasyonel giderleri tek bir fatura ve tek bir kontakla yönetme imkanı sağlanır, bu da maliyet avantajlarına yol açar.

Kurumsal Ofis işyerinde rahat ve verimli bir atmosfer yaratmak için yüksek hızlı internet, kilitli dolaplar, teknolojik donanım gibi hizmetleri sunar.

Joker Ofis’in ofis yönetim teknolojileri, sabit masrafları optimize etmeye yardımcı olur ve daha verimli bir çalışma ortamı oluşturmak için kullanılır.

Joker Ofis’in Kurumsal Ofis hizmetiyle ilgileniyorsanız, başvuru süreci ve gerekli adımlar hakkında bilgi almak için Joker Ofis’in web sitesini ziyaret edebilir veya müşteri hizmetleri ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Joker Ofis müşterilerinin memnuniyetini ölçmek için kullanılan yöntemler ve müşteri geri bildirimleri hakkında bilgi almak için Joker Ofis müşteri hizmetleri ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz.


FAQ About Corporate Office

Corporate office is an office model that meets the needs of corporate companies, designed in accordance with today’s mobile and innovative workforce. It offers a professional service at every stage from the location of the office space to its design and decoration. It saves time, money and energy with flexible workspaces, and at the same time offers customizable solutions to the needs of companies. This model is an ideal option to increase the productivity of companies and ensure employee satisfaction.

Professional Working Environment: Corporate offices offer a modern and organized working environment that reflects the professional image of the company.

Collaboration and Interaction: They provide environments that encourage interaction and collaboration between employees, which can increase innovation and productivity.

Infrastructure and Support Services: Corporate offices often include basic infrastructure and support services, which saves business owners the hassle of dealing with such details.

Professional Services: Corporate offices often provide professional services such as security, cleaning, technical support, etc., so companies can manage their work environment smoothly.

Brand and Prestige: A quality corporate office can elevate a company’s brand image and inspire confidence in customers, partners and employees.

Productivity and Performance: A well-designed corporate office can increase the productivity of employees and improve their performance, which can support the success of the company.

The design and customization of corporate offices can vary depending on the needs, culture and working style of the company. However, in general, the following steps can be followed for the design and customization of corporate offices:

Needs Analysis: The first step is to identify the needs of the company. Which departments will be located in the office? What kind of spaces will employees need? This analysis provides a basis for how the office should be designed.

Choosing a Suitable Space: Choosing a suitable space for the corporate office is important. The size, location, accessibility and infrastructure of the space should be considered.

Interior Design: The interior should be designed in a way that reflects the culture of the company and increases employee productivity. The choice of furniture, color palette, lighting and other interior elements should be carefully planned.

Functionality: The functionality of the office is important. Areas such as meeting rooms, resting areas, collaboration areas, meeting rooms and areas needed by employees should be considered.

Technology and Infrastructure: Corporate offices should be suitable for modern technology. Infrastructure elements such as a good internet connection, security systems, audio and video conferencing facilities should be considered.

Customization: Corporate offices can often be customized according to the specific needs of the company. Brand elements such as logo, colors, signs, etc. can be integrated into the office design. In addition, special areas can be created to meet the needs of departments and employees.

Here are some of the financial advantages of a corporate office:

Zero Investment Cost: Companies do not make any investment for the renovation and decoration of their offices in modern and highly prestigious locations and buildings organized according to their needs, in other words, CAPEX is zero.

Cost Control: Corporate offices are usually located in business centers with multiple tenants. This provides a great advantage in reducing costs by sharing rent, electricity, water and other operating costs.

Shared Resources: Corporate offices reduce costs by sharing common areas, meeting rooms and other resources. This helps businesses optimize costs while using their own private space.

Flexibility and Scalability: Corporate offices for rent allow businesses to quickly adapt to their changing needs. As the business grows or downsizes, they can easily adjust the office space.

Reduced Fixed Costs: Corporate office leasing reduces the fixed costs of businesses. Since the rental fee is usually a fixed amount, variable costs can be avoided.

Infrastructure and Support Services: Corporate offices for rent usually include various infrastructure and support services that businesses can use. The fact that these services are included in the rental price allows businesses to avoid extra costs.

Corporate Office meets all the needs of a company from A to Z. On the one hand, it provides a dedicated office suitable for the needs and corporate identity of the company without any investment cost, on the other hand, it saves the company from any operational burden by undertaking the office operation.

Flexibility and Diversity: Joker Corporate Office offers a range of office options in various sizes and with different features, so there is a solution to suit the needs of every type of business.

Modern Infrastructure and Equipment: Joker Corporate Office is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern equipment, thus increasing the efficiency of businesses and facilitating business processes.

Prestigious Locations: Joker Corporate Office is located in business centers located in the central and prestigious areas of the city, thus raising the image of businesses and giving confidence to customers.

Professional Services: Joker Corporate Office offers professional reception services, meeting rooms, technical support and other business services, thus enabling businesses to run their business smoothly.

Personalized Solutions: Joker Corporate Office offers customizable office packages based on the specific needs of businesses, so businesses get exactly the services they want.

Economical and Transparent Pricing: Joker Corporate Office facilitates businesses’ budget planning and reduces the risk of unexpected costs with its economical and transparent pricing policy.